This is Micropublish, a simple client that you can use to publish content to your Micropub-enabled site.

Micropublish screenshot


  • Supports Note, Article, Bookmark, Reply, Repost and Like post types.
  • Includes syndication checkboxes based on q=syndicate-to discovery.
  • Summary field for use in syndication with a Twitter-compatible character counter (adjusting for URLs).
  • Pass in a tweet URL in a reply and the @username is used to prepopulate the content field.
  • Mobile-friendly responsive layout.


Drag these links to your bookmarks bar for shortcuts to the following actions:


Micropublish was created by based on the fine work of the IndieWebCamp community.

You can browse the full source code on GitHub. Please fork and send a pull request if you have any improvements to make. I recommend Heroku if you want to run it yourself.